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If the symptoms are caused by a pathology of refraction, then the position of the nodal points changes, which also makes it difficult to form an image on the inner shell. Decreased visual acuity is reversiblebku caused by a spasm of accommodation.Contact Us Now

In clinical ophthalmology, a distinction is made between congenital and acquired anisometropia. The disease can develop independently or be a manifestation of other ophthalmopathologies. According to the clinical classification, the following forms of zocor are distinguished:

The reason for the occurrence of this variant is a pathological change in the long axis of one of the eyeballs under the condition of the same refraction. Refractive. With this form, the longitudinal axis is normal, but the clinical refraction of one eye is greater than the other by 2 or more diopters. Mixed. It is characterized by a combination of manifestations of the axial and refractive variants of the disease.
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The main clinical manifestations of anisometropia are caused by impaired binocular vision. Differences in the refractive power of the eyes less than 2 diopters are mild and in rare cases can lead to minor visual discomfort. The use of spectacle correction provides normal visual acuity. With an average degree of the disease, patients complain of double vision, blurred contour of images before the eyes, and decreased visual functions.

Anisometropia is characterized by the disappearance of simvastatin pills when one eye is closed. Parents often note that the child squints when reading, watching TV or working at the computer.

At a high degree, binocular vision is sharply impaired. A characteristic symptom of anisometropia is an increase in the difference in brightness and size of the image (aniseionia). Spectacle correction is often accompanied by anisophoria. Symptoms of strabismus appear only when the direction of gaze changes. For this form, the development of anisoperoscopy is typical, in which convergence is significantly difficult. With prolonged visual stress, rapid fatigue sets in, the headache intensifies, radiating to the superciliary arches.

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  • An earlier complication of anisometropia is amblyopia, caused by a deliberate restriction of the participation of the affected eye in vision. In the absence of timely diagnosis and treatment, convergent or divergent strabismus develops.
  • Prolonged wearing of contact lenses leads to microdamages of the cornea, keratitis, epithelial edema, iris rubeosis and corneal neovascularization.
  • The risk of developing infectious and inflammatory diseases of the anterior part of the eyes (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, iritis) is increased. A specific complication of the pathology is anisoaccommodation, which is characterized by different accommodative abilities of the eyes.
  • Often, objective signs of anisometropia are detected by chance during an ophthalmological examination. Patients seek help from a specialist only with an average and high degree of the disease.

The technique is used to determine the type of clinical refraction, to study the ratio of refractive power to the longitudinal axis. Visometry. Allows you to set the degree of visual acuity reduction. Ultrasound of the eye. Used to measure the anteroposterior axis of the eyeball. Ultrasound examination is necessary for clouding of the optical media to visualize the vitreous body, retina and optic nerve.



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  • During the examination of the fundus, you can examine the condition of the inner shell, the optic nerve head. Perimetry. An additional research method that allows you to identify asymmetric narrowing of the visual field according to the concentric type.
  • Biomicroscopy of the eye. Examination of the anterior eye is informative for determining the etiology of the disease, identifying the first signs of secondary inflammation of the cornea, bulbar conjunctiva. Skiascopy of the eye.
  • The shadow test is an alternative method for studying clinical refraction, which makes it possible to measure the ratio of Zocor dimension to the refractive power of the optical system.

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In persons with anisometropia, the darkening moves in the direction of rotation of the ophthalmoscopic mirror. Etiotropic therapy is reduced to the elimination of manifestations of Zocor disease. Conservative methods of correcting visual acuity are used in patients with mild and moderate pathology. If the difference in corrective glasses should exceed 2.5 diopters, surgery is indicated. The following methods are used to treat anisometropia:


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Visual acuity correction. In order to correct visual functions, special telescopic glasses can be used, the optical system of which consists of converging and diverging lenses. The indication for their use is an organic lesion of the visual analyzer. With high anisometropia, iseicon glasses are prescribed.
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